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When it comes to on-site recovery, it is all about speed. With traditional backups, restoring your operations could take days. With our Backup & Disaster Recovery Device, we can recover your data in minutes, failover entire servers in less than 1 hour, and even restore your business data should your office burn to the ground.
AT technology also protects your on-site backups from advanced ransomware, which has begun to target external hard drives and the backups stored on them, in addition to your production data.


Over-the-wire backups protect your business from even the most crippling disasters. AT technology can send your data to multiple geographically isolated data centers, which have protections including redundant power, heating/cooling, and Internet connectivity.
Your data is encrypted during the entire process, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being intercepted or stolen.


Disaster recovery requires constant monitoring and the ability to quickly escalate in case of emergency.
AT technology manages the day-to-day review and maintenance of your recovery systems, which means you never have to worry about overlooking the details.
If an issue arises, Our technicians are ready to tackle problems before they can cause damage to your business.


Every business has different systems, requirements, and resources. AT technology offers comprehensive packages to ensure complete coverage. We can also work to customize our solutions to your unique requirements. We can set you up with one or a combination of the following:

  • A Comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery Device, which includes all the necessary hardware, software, offsite storage, and the ability to failover when your production hardware is impacted
  • Fast and stable backup storage
  • Image-based backup software
  • Experts to manage your backups and the recovery process
  • Custom solutions to meet your unique business requirements

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