An annual network assessment provides a lot of value to your business.

  • A variety of tools are run on the systems that collect and analyze key data points. This data is then used to create easy to read reports.

The assessment reports can help identify risks such as:

– Firewall vulnerabilities.
– Security patching shortcomings.
– Data breach liability
– Shared permissions on sensitive folders/files.
– Existence of Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware
– Installed software that may be outdated or unsupported.
– Overall health of your systems.

Essentially you can get an overview of your systems and determine some red flags and pain point that need to be addressed and mitigated.
It can assist with budgeting operational costs and expenditures.
It can and also evaluate how your current IT team is doing.
It can assist you with providing supplemental documentation for any annual compliance requirements you may have.

AT technology is well versed in these assessments to assist clients with their overall IT and compliance needs.
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