What exactly is two factor authentication (2FA)?

2FA is a second layer of protection beyond just a password, when you log into an online account. This is used as extra security to keep unwanted people from accessing your information as easily. Passwords have always been a thin layer of protection due to several reasons:

  • People forget passwords and choose easily guessed ones like password1 or something easy to guess.
  • There are such an overwhelming number of accounts, people reuse passwords
  • There have been so many bad stories in the news that people feel it is useless to try 2FA or are hesitant using the technology.

In order to combat this, 2FA was brought into play. This helps to strengthen your accounts in ways that help eliminate some of the issues of just using password. There are multiple second authentications that can be used. These are chosen by the companies providing the online services usually:

  • Extra information that you would know such as a pin or secret question answer
  • A physical object you carry around like a fob, your phone or a swipe card
  • Biometric data such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, voice scan or iris scan
  • Text message or email that you have to respond too

The 2FA works under the assumption that even if they are able to steal your password or phone, they would not have both of the required security factors needed will be unlikely. Generally, the more highly sought after and important data, the stronger the 2FA factors that will be used.

With the ease at which passwords can be guessed or stolen, having this extra layer of protection can ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

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