Over the last year and a half, if we have learned anything, we know that the pandemic caused a global shift to remote and hybrid work. It forced organizations to review the way they operate practically overnight, with little to no preparation and where most organizations saw crisis, cybercriminals saw opportunity.

Cybercriminals changed their approached – small or large, we are now all at risk. The question is now, how do we protect ourselves and our vulnerability?

Here are a few startling facts:

  • More than 6 in 10 companies suffered a ransomware attack last year Up 61% from 2019- On average, organizations experienced 6 days of downtime as a result.
  • The increase in email threats rose by 64% in 2020
  • 79% of organizations were hurt by their lack of cyber preparedness.

What will you do to be better prepared and focus on your business? Knowing you have the necessary cyber risk coverage to keep your organization protected should be the first step.

Cyber Security Insurance

How do you explain cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance generally covers your business’ liability for a data breach involving sensitive customer information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, driver’s license numbers and health records.

Do we need cyber security insurance?

For most businesses the answer is yes, you really do need cyber insurance. However, it’s important that you take proactive measures to ensure proper security policies are in place and that the tools such as endpoint security software are up-to-date to help minimize risk.

We can help you navigate on the type of Cyber Security Insurance you should have.
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