Over the past six years as AT technology has grown our telecommunications division, we have attempted to meet with every customer. Invariably some customers are more responsive than others. In the past eight weeks, we have met with several long-term customers and discovered that they are in expired, overpriced carrier contracts. These applied to both voice and data circuits. In some cases, they were paying for old legacy data circuits they are not utilizing anymore. In all cases we were able to offer increased bandwidth, better voice services and significant savings. Savings for these clients ranged from $700.00 to $1800.00 per month. Several of these clients used the leveraged savings to invest in new telephone systems, network infrastructure, etc.

Every business should get in the practice of scheduling an annual meeting with their carrier agent. Annual billing reviews provide an opportunity to discuss new or emerging technologies and compare industry pricing trends. By taking less than an hour per year for this meeting you can potentially save your business thousands of dollars.

Secondly, every business should have their vendor perform a complete telecommunications inventory. Every circuit that is being billed for should be identified and accounted for. A high percentage of customers are paying for services they are no longer using. Paying for a single telephone line on a legacy carrier contract over a thirty-six-month term can cost a couple thousand dollars. Take this opportunity to inventory and document all of your services. Once completed it will make managing this information easier for future comparisons and changes.

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