Over the last few years in talking to customers, there are several common requests:
  • Budget and cost certainty
  • Security from virus, ransomware and other cyber attacks
  • Reliable and restorable backups
  • Maximum uptime
All very important points to be sure.  Our customers don’t like surprises and we aim to create systems and services that allow our customers to worry about their business, not their technology.
Rolling out in 2019, we have some great new services that address all of the points above.  Introducing @Monitor, @Manage, and @Manage Plus.  These services will give our clients cost certainty, security, reliability, and will maximize uptime.
For over 20 years AT technology has been servicing the IT needs of WNY business and these new products are some of the most exciting in our history.  He have a special offer for our customers and look forward to getting in touch with you.  We’ve created a special signup form for you to take advantage of a free month of our new services.  Click here: https://attechnology.com/signup/
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